700+ GMAT Quant Questions | 41 to 51

GMAT Quant Difficult Questions | Challenging GMAT Questions

  1. GMAT 650 Level Sample Question | Arithmetic DS | Number Properties

    If a, b, and c are non-zero numbers, how many of these three numbers are positive numbers?

    Statement 1: a + b + c > 0
    Statement 2: The number of negative numbers is more than the number of positive numbers among these three numbers.
    Choice C
    Statements TOGETHER sufficient.

  2. GMAT Hard Math Arithmetic Data Sufficiency | Number Properties

    Is ‘x’ even?

    Statement 1: \\frac{x^3}{2}) is even.
    Statement 2: 2\\sqrt[3]{x}) is even.
    Choice C
    Statements TOGETHER sufficient.

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