GMAT Hard Math Practice Questions

Tough GMAT Quant Questions 50 quant questions in both problem solving and data sufficiency that you should solve to crack the GMAT quant section

You can choose to solve these questions starting with Problem Solving and then Data Sufficiency or vice versa. Alternatively, you could access the questions based on the 4 broad areas viz., Arithmetic, Algebra, Word Problems and Geometry.

Detailed explanatory answers are provided to each of these questions. You could choose any of the 3 formats in which the solution is provided to each problem.

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Explanatory Answers in 3 formats

  • Videos

    Detailed video explanations - the closest to having a tutor helping crack the question.

  • Slide Decks

    If you are used to learning using slides - here is a slide pack for each question to walk you through each step.

  • Plain Text Solution

    For those who are used to looking through written text and grasping the solution.

  • Mix and Match

    You could use video for a question that you find difficult to understand and just skim through the textual explanation for another where you have cracked it yourself - just to see whether there is an alternative approach. The choice is yours. The primary purpose of providing explanations in 3 formats is to help set your own pace of learning.

  • Problem Solving

  • 30 hand picked questions from topics ranging from number properties, counting methods, discrete probability, descriptive statistics to geometry, coordinate geometry and inequalities.
  • Data Sufficiency

  • 20 questions. The questions in many cases provide you with a framework to solve questions of that kind. Each question has detailed explanation, slide decks and videos.
  • All 50 in a row

  • You can access all 50 questions by clicking on this link. By the side of each question, you will find details about the question including its type, topic and concepts tested.

Number Theory and Properties, Descriptive Statistics, Sets, Counting Methods, Probability.


Linear & Quadratic equations, inequalities, absolute value, exponents, functions.

Word Problems

In rates, work, mixtures, interest, discount, profit, measurement.


Lines, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, solid geometry, coordinate geometry.

Topicwise Listing

  • GMAT Number Properties
  • GMAT Inequalities Questions
  • GMAT Descritpive Statistics questions