GMAT Hard Math Questions | Geometry

Must Solve GMAT Practice Questions | 700 800 Level Questions

Must solve GMAT practice questions in Geometry. The following topics are covered in the GMAT quant section from Geometry:

  1. Triangles
  2. Lines and angles
  3. Quadrilaterals
  4. Circles
  5. Coordinate Geometry
  6. Solids

  1. GMAT 700 800 Level Question | Geometry | Area of Circles

    In the figure given below, ABC and CDE are two identical semi-circles of radius 2 units. B and D are the mid points of the arc ABC and CDE respectively. What is the area of the shaded region?


    1. 4π - 1
    2. 3π - 1
    3. 2π - 4
    4. ½(3π - 1)
    5. 2π - 2
    Choice C
    The area of the shaded region is
    (2π - 4) sq units.

  2. GMAT Data Sufficiency | Hard Math Question | Geometry

    a, b, and c are sides of a right triangle. What is the area of the triangle?

    Statement 1:a = 4.
    Statement 2: a + b + c = 4.
    Choice C
    Statements Together Sufficient

  3. GMAT DS Sample Question | Geometry | Triangles

    Is the triangle ABC right angled at B an isosceles triangle?

    Statement 1: All 3 sides are integers.
    Statement 2: The square of the hypotenuse is twice the product of the other two sides.
    Choice D
    Statements are Independently Sufficient to answer the question.

  4. GMAT 700 800 Level Question | Coordinate Geometry & Permutation Combination

    Rectangle ABCD is constructed in the xy-plane so that sides AB and CD are parallel to the x-axis. Both the x and y coordinates of all four vertices of the rectangle are integers. How many rectangles can be constructed if x and y coordinates satisfy the inequality 11 < x < 29 and 5 ≤ y ≤ 13?

    1. 153
    2. 153C4
    3. 4896
    4. 2448
    5. 5508
    Choice C
    4896 rectangles can be constructed.

  5. Geometry | Coordinate Geometry DS Practice | GMAT Challenging Math Question

    Does the line L whose equation is y = mx + c cut the x-axis in the positive direction of x-axis?

    Statement 1: The intercepts of Line K, perpendicular to L, are of the opposite signs.
    Statement 2: Line L passes through the 4th quadrant.
    Choice E
    Statements Together are NOT Sufficient

  6. GMAT Challenging Question | Geometry DS | Coordinate Geometry & Quadratic Equations

    If y = (x - p)(x - q), is the sum of integers p and q positive?

    Statement 1: The curve cuts the y-axis at -20
    Statement 2: Minimum value of y is -36
    Choice E
    Data Insufficient

  7. GMAT Hard Math | Geometry Right Triangles | GMAT 750 Level Data Sufficiency

    In right triangle ABC, what is the ratio in which point D divides the hypotenuse AC? BD is perpendicular to AC.

    Statement 1: BC = 2BD
    Statement 2: AC = 2AB
    Choice D
    Statements INDEPENDENTLY sufficient.

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