GMAT Hard Math Questions | Word Problems

Must Solve GMAT Practice Questions | 700 800 Level Questions

Must solve GMAT practice questions in word problems. The following topics are covered in the GMAT quant section from word problems:

  1. Speed Time
  2. Work Time
  3. Ratio and Proportions
  4. Mixtures
  5. Percents
  6. Profits
  7. Interest

  1. 700 800 Level GMAT Word Problem | Rates Problem Solving Question

    Working alone, A can complete a task in ‘a’ days and B in ‘b’ days. They take turns in doing the task with each working 2 days at a time. If A starts they finish the task in exactly 10 days. If B starts, they take half a day more. How long does it take to complete the task if they both work together?

    1. \\frac{46}{9})
    2. \\frac{50}{9})
    3. \\frac{50}{11})
    4. \\frac{36}{7})
    5. \\frac{210}{41})
    Choice D
    They will take 36/7 days

  2. GMAT DS Sample Question | Percentage | Ratios | Word Problem

    A candy manufacturer decided to decrease the weight of each candy bar, while retaining the price. By how many cents did the per kilogram cost of candy change after the reduction in weight?

    Statement 1: The weight of each piece of candy bar reduced by 9 grams.
    Statement 2: The weight of each piece of candy bar reduced by 9%
    Choice E
    Statements Together NOT Sufficient

  3. 700 800 Level GMAT Word Problem | Number Properties & Equations Problem Solving Question

    A movie hall sold tickets to one of its shows in two denominations, $11 and $7. A fourth of all those who bought a ticket also spent $4 each on refreshments at the movie hall. If the total collections from tickets and refreshments for the show was $124, how many $7 tickets were sold? Note: The number of $11 tickets sold is different from the number of $7 tickets sold.

    1. 14
    2. 11
    3. 2
    4. 8
    5. 5
    Choice E
    The movie hall sold 5 $7 tickets.

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