GMAT Hard Math Questions | Ratios

Ratio Proportion Mixtures & Percents | 700 800 Level Questions

Must solve GMAT practice questions in Ratio, Percents, and Fractions. Many a times questions from these topics appear as word problems - the gist of what is tested is your ability to translate words into mathematical equations and expressions to arrive at the answer.

  1. GMAT DS Sample Question | Percentage | Ratios | Word Problem

    A candy manufacturer decided to decrease the weight of each candy bar, while retaining the price. By how many cents did the per kilogram cost of candy change after the reduction in weight?

    Statement 1: The weight of each piece of candy bar reduced by 9 grams.
    Statement 2: The weight of each piece of candy bar reduced by 9%
    Choice E
    Statements Together NOT Sufficient

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