GMAT Hard Math Questions | Statistics

Mean, Median, Range, Mode, SD Practice Questions | 700 800 Level Questions

Must solve GMAT practice questions in Descriptive Statistics. About 2 to 3 questions appear in the GMAT quant section from this topic. The easier questions tend to focus on mean and the more difficult questions from this topic include additional concepts including median, mode, range and standard deviation.

  1. GMAT 700 Level Sample Question in Statistics

    Consider a set S = {2, 4, 6, 8, x, y} with distinct elements. If x and y are both prime numbers and 0 < x < 40 and 0 < y < 40, which of the following MUST be true?

    I. The maximum possible range of the set is greater than 33.
    II. The median can never be an even number.
    III. If y = 37, the average of the set will be greater than the median.

    1. I only
    2. I and II only
    3. I and III only
    4. III only
    5. I, II, and III
    Choice E
    All 3 statements are correct.

  2. GMAT Challenging Question | Statistics Problem Solving

    Three positive integers a, b, and c are such that their average is 20 and a ≤ b ≤ c. If the median is (a + 11), what is the least possible value of c?

    1. 23
    2. 21
    3. 25
    4. 26
    5. 24
    Choice C
    Least possible value for c is 25.

  3. GMAT DS Sample Question | Statistics | Mean Median Range

    What is the range of 5 distinct single digit positive integers if their average is 5?

    Statement 1: Their median is 6.
    Statement 2: The average of the 3 largest among the 5 numbers is 7.
    Choice C
    Statements Together Sufficient.

  4. GMAT Challenging Question | Arithmetic | Numbers & Progressions DS

    What is the range of 3 positive integers a, b, and c?

    Statement 1: 21a = 9b = 7c
    Statement 2: a + 8, b, and c, in that order are in AP.
    Choice C
    Statements TOGETHER sufficient.

  5. GMAT DS Sample Question | Arithmetic - Statistics | Mean, Median, and Range

    If sets A and B have n elements each, are the ranges of the two sets equal?

    Statement 1: Both sets are symmetric about their respective means.
    Statement 2: The median of both the sets is 50.
    Choice E
    Data Insufficient

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